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control panel design

Atlanta is involved in the design and manufacture of electrical control Panels for several years. Our control panel building workshop covers the complete service from the design and specification of control panels and motor control centers through the building and installation process to the maintenance and repair of panels when in use.

control panel design

Atlanta design and fabricate Pneumatic / Hydraulic Control Panels using stainless steel, steel, copper and plastic tubing. Our hydraulic/Pneumatic control panels are designed to provide safe and reliable operations.

We design and mount Hydraulic/ Pneumatic control panels and cabinets based on our customers technical needs and requirements. The assemblies can be manufactured in our state of the art fabrication area. we are capable of both Pressure Testing and Vacuum Leak Testing all our tubing and piping.

Hydraulic Power Units

Atlanta designs and builds Hydraulic Power Units intended to provide hydraulic power to individual or closely grouped hydraulically actuated Valves.

Our units generally include Hydraulic Accumulators so that the Pump/Motor does not have to operate with every action of the Valve.

Lifting frames can be carbon steel or stainless steel which is fabricated by coded welders with all welds being checked by NDE. We also carry out lifting calculations to ensure that the complete unit is safe to lift.

Components are specially sized and selected for capacity and flow to ensure that Valve open/close cycle times are met, in view of all site variables such as type of hydraulic fluid and ambient temperature.

Controls for the HPU can be configured to interface with your control system using your site standard components. We can also install a PLC type controller if logic is required to be driven locally as opposed to from your DCS.

Well head Control Panel

Atlanta is well experienced in the design and manufacturing various types of single and multi-wellhead control panels for monitoring and safety control of oil and gas production wells.

Our Well Head Control Panels are designed to meet clients unique process conditions and specific requirements. All our systems ensure controlled opening and closing of valves in the event of an emergency shutdown or a process shutdown. Our systems include either hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical control logic, and can be executed as PLC-based stand-alone units or complete with remote controlled safety systems, in order to meet the highest safety, reliability and performance standards of the industry.

Spreader Beams

Atlanta design and Fabricate Spreader Beams which are ideal for most lifting requirements. Our Custom-made spreader beam range has capacity from 2 Ton to 300 ton and a maximum span of 12 meters.

Offshore Containers
Offshore Containers

Atlanta design and Fabricate following products in accordance with DNV 2.7-1 and ISO 10855.

  • Offshore Baskets /Tool Box
  • Offshore Tanks
  • Offshore Workshops

Pump Skids
Pump Skids

Packaged pump skids are a custom solution for your fluid handling needs. Our engineering team design and fabricate pump skids to suit your project. We have years of experience creating custom pump skids that are fully automated with PLC and touch-screen controls